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Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

Friends Reunited (2x03)

Bonus: David Fanboying Over Elisabeth Sladen




David Tennant and Anna Gunn in Gracepoint

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David Tennant in the new What We Did On Our Holiday trailer (x)


now, this. this is porn.

They feel different because of the circumstances of everyone around me… that creates a different set of circumstances to be in… It’s the same character and yet it’s not, it’s the same but different… The relationship between Carver and Ellie Miller feels very different to Hardy and Ellie Miller. The spine of the story and the characters are the same, but there’s different flesh on the bones. (x)

Anonymous: "hi! i was wondering if you know where i can find a certain video? i saw it a while back and im not 100% it was tennant, but it was on the graham norton show and he created an doctor who inspired dating ad in (i think) a paper? and tennant got mad when the guy who responded didn't "want him"?"

omg so this is the only quality of the video i could find right now but i know it’s on hulu i just didn’t feel like sitting through the commercials but here’s part one & two & three of that exchange and it’s in the wrong aspect ratio (the video is squished) but grrr thats the best i could do rn aside from hulu!


David Tennant at 2014 Summer TCA Tour for FOX's Gracepoint
David Tennant at 2014 Summer TCA Tour for FOX's Gracepoint